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Main SHLAA Report (0/21)

Now available, the complete guide to the Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council Strategic Housing Availabilty Assessment 2010/11

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All the sites identified for development are listed in our colour coded easy to read version, together with detailed area by area maps. These site lists and maps are now all individually accessable.

Additionally all the sites excluded from development are listed. (below)

A summary of the SHLAA report site capacities on a single sheet can he downloaded here (zoom to enlage)


Sites (3/2)

All the sites that are being considered for development are listed here both Brownfield and Greenfield.

Brownfield simply means previously developed sites, Greenfield referes to undeveloped green sapce whether in the town or country.  The council categorise these sites as Developable (0-5 years), Deliverable (6-10 years) and Deliverable (11-15+ years).

Many of the Greenfield sites in the 6-10 year period are now included in Trache 1 and Tranche 2 of the Newcastle Development Plan (sale of surplus land) for sale and development in 2011.

Maps (6/1)

View Maps of Deliverable and Developable Sites as indentified in the Strategic House Land Availabilty Assessment.

Chose an area for a list of maps to view.

Planned developments are highlighted in red. See the Sites section to look up the quoted reference numbers for more information on the developments.





Excluded (0/48)

The sites above are excluded from the housing assessment.

This means that, for various reasons, they are not currently being considered for development.

Compare the reasons given for not developing these sites with the reasons for develoing the deliverable and developable sites. 


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