19 April 2011 planned update meeting at St Luke's Methodist Church Clayton

23 March 2011 Cabinet meeting and Council meeting to discuss land disposal programme and development of Sainsbury's site 2500 signature petition presented the Council.

14 March 2011 Overview and Scrutiny Committee meet to review Newcastle Development Scheme

6 March 2011 Save Our Green Spaces Newcastle referred to in The Sunday Times article

4 March 2011 - 246 written objections to Repton Drive and 241 to Winchester drive

28 February 2011 2500 signature petition against selling off Newcastle green spaces presented by residents a Paul Farrelly MP to Council chief

25 February 2011 Newcastle Development Plan put on hold. Winchester Drive and Repton Drive planning applications withdrawn.

23 February 2011 Council meeting councillors resolve to set up scrutiny process


15 February 2011 over 175 Chesterton Residents attend meeting at Red Street Community centre to protest against sale of Shrewsbury Drive.

14 February 2011 Winchester drive and Repton drive planning notices altered to reflect reduced number of dwellings on application.

14 February 2011 over 60 residents attended protest meeting at Bradwell Community Centre.

11 February 2011 Winchester Drive and Repton Drive planning applications posted

9 February 2011 Cabinet meeting to consider land disposal, tranche 1 and tranche 2

7 February 2011 over 250 attend residents meeting at Wye road, Clayton protest groups set up for Clayton, Seabridge and the Westlands.

19 January 2011 green space sell-off is first publicised to select residents

28 July 2010 Council approve plans to sell off green spaces to buy Sainsbury's site in secret.

24 March 2010 Cabinet meeting secretly resolve to dispose of green field sites.