Residents Presentations to Scrutiny Committee 15 June 2011

Residents representing four of the seven sites proposed to be developed, made presentations to the Task and Finish Group of the Land Sales Scrutiny Committee.

George Taylor led the way with their presentation on Clayton road field, followed by Belinda Mifflin on Repton Drive and Callum Henderson on Winchester Drive. Heather Bayliss finished off the presentations with a talk about Clayhangar Close, Bradwell. As well as talking about the sites themselves the residents stated their views on themes affecting all the sites and criticised both the decision to sell off the seven sites and the secretive way it was carried out.

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Outcome of the first scrutiny meeting

The first scrutiny meeting, held on 8th of June, resulted in these facts:

1. Planning Policy:

The councils policy does not support building on Greenfield sites.

2. Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment:

The Council has sufficient land for the next 5 years without using the 7 sites brought forward of surplus to requirements.

Next scrutiny meeting

The residents have to give a presentation to the Council at the Civic Centre on 15th of June on the Greens at Repton Drive, Winchester Drive, Clayton Road Field and Clayhanger Close Bradwell.

Please come and support us:

Civic Centre 15th of June
6:30 PM protest
6:50 PM Council chamber public Gallery

SCRUTINY PROCESS- ‘Sale of Land Surplus to Requirements’

The Council has just published the meeting schedule dates & topics for each    meeting, which will be open to the public. Please try and attend as many of the dates listed below as possible, to show our strength of feeling at the ‘sell off’ of  OUR GREEN SPACES

Scrutiny Meeting-8th June- Planning
6:30pm- meet at Civic Offices
7pm- Start

Next meetings:
15th June
28th June
6th July
20th July- Final Report

If we have among our residents anyone who is an expert on any of the topics the Council has chosen, we would really like your help and input for the presentation we have to give.
If you can help please telephone Belinda Mifflin- 613609 Chair of the Westlands, Seabridge & Clayton Residents Association.
Anthony Farrell/ George Taylor- Clayton Field Group- 612355
Or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
United we stand-to protect our Green Spaces for future generations

Scrutiny of Secret Green Space Sell-offs Meeting 8 June

The scrutiny panel into the green sapce sales will meet on Wednesday 8 June 2011 at 7pm.

The meeting will be the first of four in short succession to be held at Council Chambers on the subject of Planning Policy, Housing Needs, Financial Requirements and Green Spaces.

Meet at 6:30 outside the Civic Offices in Merrial Steet. We need as many to attend the meeting as possible to show the strength of feeling accross the Borough.