Chairperson's Statement Regarding Suspension of Green Space Sell Off Plans

So you can make a difference.

You already have stopped the Council in its tracks; but it's only a short breathing space for us.


A BIG  THANK YOU  to everyone for your support in attending the protests, petitioning, letter writing, leaflet dropping and poster pin ups etc.

We really appreciate it, but we've still got a big battle ahead, if we are to win the war.

Actions that still need to be progressed this week

Letters of objection - we need to get 2000 in by Friday 4th March for Repton & Winchester because I believe that once endorsed by the Scrutiny Committee and it goes to Council for approval, then the report to planning committee will go ahead within one week and give no time to organise.  Unless we give them reasons to throw out this proposal now, in terms of massive opposition to this, ill thought out, scheme to sell off land surplus to requirements - it's not surplus to requirements we use it.

Fight the good fight lets win the war! Our environment is worth fighting for! It's our children's future!

Belinda Mifflin
(Chairperson of the Westlands, Seabridge & Clayton Residents Association)

 26 February 2011

**note: objections received after the applications were withdrawn will still be accepted by the planning department and recorded as received on the Borough Council website. If you want to be counted and have not objected already please submit your objections to the proposal by 4 March 2011.