Shrewbury Drive Green Space

Save Our Precious Green Space...

Our precious green space – looking North West towards Shrewsbury Drive during a winter sunset.

Situated at Shrewsbury Drive, Red Street, this piece of green land is designated as a public open space.
It is an amenity - in fact our only amenity - that has served the residents of Mitchells Wood estate for nearly 30 years. It is the only green space we have for the whole estate.
My son learned to ride his bike on here, as did my daughter, it is used and has been used by generations of children during the long summer months for football, cricket, kite flying, even camping. Numerous residents walk their dogs here all times of the year, during late summer children pick blackberries that grow on the perimeter next to Mitchells Wood Farm. All these activities are carried out safely, away from traffic and main roads.

Being adjacent to farmland it is habitat to all kinds of fauna, a few of the sightings are listed below...
Birds – Kestrel, Sparrowhawk, Mistle Thrush and more recently a flock of migrating Redwings.
Mammals – Fox, Hedgehog and Grey Squirrel.
Amphibians – Frog and common Newt.
Lepidoptera – Speckled Wood, Small Copper and Meadow Brown.
Flora Inc Speedwell, Coltsfoot, Stitchwort and Red Campion.
Such great biodiversity in a small area.
All this of course does come at a cost...its cut 4 or 5 times a insignificant.

Around the borough of Newcastle under Lyme the council propose to now sell off our green spaces for nothing more than to boost its dwindling reserves.
Sites at The Westlands, Clayton, Kidsgrove, Talke and Bradwell have also been included in this sale with the latest news that the money may be used, allegedly, for the rebuilding of the civic offices on the old Sainsbury’s site. If this is true, the council’s statement that the money raised will be used for regeneration will appear to be a blatant lie and will go some way to explain why talks to sell these green spaces were initially held in secret.

On the 24/02/11 Belinda Mifflin, chair of the Westlands South East Residents Group along with myself and 30+ fellow campaigners from around the borough handed to Mr. Paul Farrelly, MP for Newcastle under Lyme and a supporter of our campaign, a petition of almost 3000 signatures opposing this sale to be handed to the council.
We were along with Mr. Farrelly, then interviewed for local radio.
These green spaces need to be preserved for future generations to enjoy; if David Cameron can stand up and admit his party got it wrong over the sale of our forests and woodland, our council at local level should follow suit in what has been described as “Newcastle under Lyme’s equivalent of the Forestry Fiasco”.
We all have a right to green space.
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