11 Scrutiny Panel recommendations

The Scrutiny Panel Task & Finish Group (SPT&FG) made 11 recommendations on 27 July 2011 to Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council as follows
1. More clearly monitor housing needs
2. Update green space strategy to ensure community value of amenity spaces such as the seven sites is considered.
3. Produce assets disposal strategy to include Council’s buildings, Brownfield and Greenfield land based on detailed viability assessments.
4. Council submits it’s proposal within the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment before a decision is made by the council for development.
5. That a detailed site assessment be prepared by the council before an ‘in principal’ decision to dispose is made my cabinet.
6.  Following an ‘in principal’ decision to dispose a robust consultation is made with the wider community.
7. That the results of the consultation are considered by cabinet before make any planning applications.
8. The form and content of public consultation should be reported to full council to ensure members are kept fully up to date.
9. Accept that the Council failed to properly consult on and consider the validity of the disposal of the Seven Sites
10. Disposal of the Seven Sites should not be progressed until the above has taken place, after an asset disposal strategy has been adopted and after all the Council owned land and property is considered.
11. Ensure adequate training given